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What’s This All About?

Mobilizing those who are losing out while wealth inequality skyrockets.

The Problem

Congress is spending billions on tax programs that make wealth inequality worse. Financial insecurity is now rampant, with huge gaps in wealth ownership between men and women, and between white communities and communities of color.

The Solution

Instead of spending billions to exacerbate wealth inequality, why not help all Americans build wealth? This would mean more education, more homeownership, more entrepreneurship, and less financial insecurity.

Your Role

Change won’t come from the top. Change starts with you and your friends. If you want to help fight wealth inequality, then share the message and sign up to get future opportunities to take action.

Read All About It

National media is catching on to these upside-down, inequality-increasing programs.

Spread the Message

One of the main problems we face in turning these unfair tax programs right-side up is that people just don’t know what’s at stake here. Here’s one easy thing you can do to change that: help spread the message.



 Hungry for More?

Read about big national reforms that would help all Americans build wealth.

Rainy Day EITC

A new proposal to help low-wage workers build savings for year-long financial security.

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Savings for Every Child

What if every child started life with a savings account and support to grow their wealth?

Read moreThis Little Piggy Went to College.

Right-Side Up Agenda

Billions in wasteful federal spending redeployed to help all Americans build wealth.

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